Board of Directors and Officers


Mr. Howe brings three decades of experience to the Organization’s Board of Directors, having acted as a trusted advisor to leaders in business, non-profits, education, politics, and government. His background as a business owner, social entrepreneur, director, and advisor adds a well-rounded perspective. Mr. Howe currently runs his consulting practice and serves as the managing partner of The Malibu Group in Cincinnati, Ohio. Mr. Howe has been an active leader on other charities and foundations, including The Malibu Group and Young Life. He currently is a board member for The Insignia Foundation and recently finished terms on the boards of both the Stepping Stones Center/UCP of Cincinnati and the University of Northern Kentucky Entrepreneurship Institute.

ELIZABETH ECKES (Beth) - Vice President

Beth graduated from the Columbus College of Art & Design with a BFA in Graphic Design and Advertising. She has worked with various agencies, both as an employee and contractor, to complete design and advertising tasks for several fortune 500 companies. She is currently self employed as a freelance graphic designer. Her skill set will be invaluable in CFC’s efforts to create community awareness and participation through advertisement and solicitation. She is also the aunt of Connor Logsdon and was involved in his life and daily care and shares the passion for the cause that his life created.


Ms. Marsolan brings an excellent mix of leadership, marketing, and business experience with her to the Organzation’s Board. After earning an engineering degree at Columbia University in 2003, Ms. Marsolan spent five years in operations management at General Electric. In 2010, Ms. Marsolan received her M.B.A from UCLA Anderson and currently holds the position of Senior Manager, Mobile Ad Operations & Marketing for CBS Interactive. Ms. Marsolan’s department is responsible for not only monetizing CBS Interactive’s mobile sites and applications, but also for ad development and innovations, rich media, and inventory management. In addition to her professional experience, Ms. Marsolan is the parent of a child with CHARGE Syndrome and brings a distinctive knowledge and passion for the Organization’s mission.


Mr. Smith brings over twenty years of financial, operations, and managerial expertise and leadership to the Organization’s Board of Directors. Mr. Smith is currently the CFO for Parker School Uniforms, LLC and is responsible for all aspects of the company’s finance, accounting, and treasury functions. Prior to joining Parker School Uniforms, Mr. Smith the CFO of Ashbrook Simon-Hartley; as part of the executive management team, he was responsible for directing finance teams in the United States, United Kingdom, and Chile, helping to forge the company’s strategic vision. Outside of his successful career, Mr. Smith is highly involved in his church, where he sits on the board and serves as treasurer.

JODY MORRIS - Secretary

Jody is the owner and operator of True Care of Texas, a medical services company that provides medical care to homebound patients. She is also the manger of a nursing home practices that services 250 patients in the 14 facilities and across 5 counties in the Austin, Texas area. As such she has extensive experience in the home healthcare field and the challenges associated with coordinating the needs of patients with the available resources. Jody is also the former owner of Books for Kids-Readers for Life, a non-profit organization that provided books to low-income schools and libraries in Texas so students would have access to age appropriate books and reading materials. She is also a grandparent of Connor Logsdon and was part of the journey he and his family went through medically and emotionally.


Mr. Logsdon has a background in risk management and analytics. He is currently the President and Director of Trading for eXion Energy, Inc., a company he started in 2013. During his professional career he has been responsible for the start-up, hiring, training, management, and growth of several companies. Mr. Logson’s experience as a successful small business owner will provide insight and guidance during the formation and development of the Organization. He also sits on the board of the Greater Cincinnati Sports Corporation. Mr. Logsdon is the father of Connor Logsdon, and as such was immersed in the world of medicine and special needs care for more than a year. This unique perspective, combined with his work experience, will provide the Organization with a well-balanced opinion regarding the direction of the organization.

NICOLE LOGSDON - President and Director

Ms. Logsdon graduated from the College of Mount Saint Joseph with a Masters in Physical Therapy and immediately began practicing in the medical field afterward. She spent numerous years working in ICU settings and acute care before transitioning to an administrative role as the rehab director in a long-term care setting for a company named Carespring. The therapy department Ms. Logsdon managed grew significantly over the next several years and she began assisting the corporate team with oversight of several other facilities. Ms. Logsdon has extensive experience in healthcare management, team building, hiring and training of staff, and creating and improving productivity and efficiency on many levels. Further, Ms. Logsdon has experience fundraising for organizations such as the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and the Cincinnati Ronald McDonald House. On a person note, Ms. Logsdon’s son, Connor, was diagnosed with CHARGE Syndrome in 2012, and she has ever since been heavily involved in the CHARGE Syndrome community. In her capacity as a parent of a child with CHARGE Syndrome, Ms. Logsdon is currently involved in a parent/patient driven advisory board that is working to establish a CHARGE Syndrome clinic at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. This clinic will work toward providing better medical and emotional support for individuals with CHARGE Syndrome and their families. Lastly, as a mother of a child with CHARGE Syndrome, Ms. Logsdon has personal experience raising a child with special needs, which provides her great insight in understanding the medical, emotional, and financial needs of families similarly situated. As such, Ms. Logsdon has vowed to be a staunch advocate for the support of families with special need.

PEGGY ECKES - Treasurer

Peggy’s degree is in education and she was a teacher at the elementary level for a number of years. After that she transitioned her focus to bookkeeping and Treasurer duties for several companies, including a number of non-profit organizations. Most recently she was the bookkeeper and office manager for Heart to Heart Ministry, a 501(c)3 organization from 2006 through 2011. As the grandmother of Connor Logsdon she was also involved in his care and the support of his parents and brings that personal experience and passion to her role with CFC.