Our Story

Connor was born on September 29, 2012 and gained his angel wings to head to heaven on January 10, 2014. Connor was born with a rare and complex genetic syndrome called CHARGE syndrome. This syndrome is caused by a mutation of a regulatory gene which results in extensive medical and physical issues.

Typically this gene mutation is a random occurrence with no previous family history. For Connor some of the issues he faced included a severe heart defect, respiratory issues, kidney problems, hearing loss, balance issues, feeding and swallowing troubles. The list of surgeries he underwent, medical diagnoses he accumulated, time spent in the hospital and equipment he required was extensive but you would never have imagined by the smile on his face. Connor was truly one of the happiest children on Earth. He defied the odds time after time and although his time on Earth may have been short he made an impact that won't soon be forgotten.

As a way to celebrate Connor's life and continue his legacy we have formed the CHARGE for Connor nonprofit organization (a registered 501(c)3). The purpose of this public charity is to raise awareness for CHARGE syndrome and assist the CHARGE community. Some of the ways we hope to assist the CHARGE community will include helping individuals with CHARGE syndrome gain equipment, services and medical needs not covered by insurance, supporting the National CHARGE Syndrome Foundation, and aiding in the formation of a new clinic specific to CHARGE syndrome at Cincinnati Children's Hospital. Please follow our adventure, donate to our cause, and get involved with CHARGE for Connor!